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The gambling industry is estimated to gross around billion a year.

Home viewers can bet on live horse races through an interactive cable system that will be monitored by their computers.

Computer games are the famously known entertainment in the world today.

The use of computer is one of the causes of continuous gaming and later on forms an addictive behavior.

The second cause of online games is desire to finish a given level.

Up to date various varieties of computer games have been established and in the near future it is unpredictable of how the online gaming industry will be.

Computer games are adversely used by the people in the adolescent stage.They fear a hacker might break in and just keep letting himself win.Companies fear the Internet because they might come in too late and saturate the market with Internet gambling companies.The government can try to prosecute but the chances of them getting a conviction is highly unlikely, especially if they're a foreign citizen.They can only seize their assets if they enter the United States.It could become the same thing as what happened to Atlantic City.The companies that run the gambling can also cheat by writing in the programs to deal more 21's to the house.Casinos licensed to operate the sites are the Borgata; Caesars Atlantic City; Bally’s Atlantic City; Golden Nugget Atlantic City; Tropicana; Trump Plaza; and the Trump Taj Mahal, which has a partnership with Station Casinos-owned Ultimate Gaming.Some of the other new ways that companies are going to try to use the Internet are through interactive TV. Many experts fear that this may cause young people to become…Students of late use computers and laptops for learning.Since continuous reading of the school work has been tiresome to some of them, they have ended up spending time behind the screen just playing games.


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