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During the tenth grade, my mother mentioned working on the F-15 for Northrop as part of the team that was redesigning electronic countermeasure hardware.She told me about another team member with whom she had attended college; this man had previously served on a nuclear submarine in the Navy.

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They are special people: humble, intelligent, and... The biggest factor that keeps people in the Navy is fear of moving on. Make your outside interests a priority and don’t feel that your job has to define who you are. Your mission as an officer can be broken down into one simple phrase: right the wrongs. When it comes to being smart with money there are two kinds of people, those who spend their 2/c loan and those who don’t. At any given command there are a handful of finically savvy Sailors who can teach you how to maximize your income, find them and you will save thousands of dollars over your career (hint: they are usually enlisted and have been in for 10 years). Just because the Navy encourages you to take leave during stand down doesn’t mean you should. The Navy & Marine Corps offers a lot of money for classes, but only for those who ask for it. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every man I meet is my superior in some way. Take some time out of the workday and just go visit them, sometimes they’ll even be just across the pier. When a junior officer gets promoted, grab his/her shoulder boards for when you’ll need them, that shit is expensive! The thrift shop on base can save you a lot of money, but 98% of people don’t use it. Hire a good tax professional your first year as an officer and the knowledge you will learn about how to get the most out of your taxes will be worth thousands of dollars over your career & life. Encourage the people who work for you to pursue their degree while they work through Tuition Assitance. There are a lot of bad habits out there and it’s your job to fix them. It’s lonely at the top and they will appreciate your honesty and courage to engage them in meaningful conversation. Take time to work out everyday and encourage your people to do the same, even if it doesn’t seem like the normal thing to do. Chances are wherever you get stationed you’ll have classmates and friends close by (on the same base). What if we got to have conversations like this in front of the whole academy? Service selection is less about the job and more about the people you’ll be around. In 2005, the academy’s superintendent privately rebuked Fleming for a Navy trade magazine essay criticizing the admissions process.He was investigated in 2013 for complaints about his criticism of the academy’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program.His interest in electrical engineering led to discussions about the difficult course work.More importantly, he spoke to me about what it means to be part of the Naval Academy as well as about the classmates you meet who become family. Having a different personality at work may seem natural, but it’s harmful in the long run (no matter how much it may please your current boss). It’s different for everyone, and it’s easy to forget your purpose in a sea of paperwork and office politics. — A tenured professor at the US Naval Academy often critical of the school no longer works there. David Mc Kinney confirmed Bruce Fleming’s departure to The Baltimore Sun but declined to offer details.


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