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The method of questionnaire allows making the research more quantitative, because it requires gathering standardized information from a specific number of people.This method allows obtaining both quantitative and qualitative data; thus, it is the most appropriate way to research the connection between the alcohol intake and the school performance.

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For most questions that interest social scientists, the best way to explore the effects of manipulating a variable involves randomly assigning study participants to different levels of the variable, such as by randomly assigning a teacher to have a relatively large or a relatively small number of students.

Nonexperimental research lacks this essential feature (and may not even involve a group comparison at all).

The research uses the documents in order to describe the background of the problem as well as to complement the received results with the reliable scientific findings. French in their article named The effects of alcohol use on academic achievement in high school.

In addition, the documentary analysis allows obtaining various statistical data, which add more credibility to the research.

With this purpose, it will be conducted the qualitative and quantitative research, which allows gaining the most relevant results about the relations between the alcohol use and the school performance.

The respondents of this study are the students of two high schools, which were selected with no regards to their addiction or non-addiction to the alcohol use.This method is aimed at opening the students’ feelings, views, and experiences; thus, it does not require a strict procedure and structure.Consequently, it is used the semi-structured format for the interview, which allows developing a guide to the topic but does not set the strict questions.Researchers employ a strategy when they are interested in the extent to which two or more variables tend to cooccur.For instance, the scholar interested in class sizes may also be interested in the relationship between class size and the socioeconomic status of the neighborhood from which the students are drawn.One of the most used methods in this research is the qualitative method of interviews.The research incorporates the results of several interviews which were held in the form of conversation in order to establish a high level of confidence between the researcher and the respondent.For instance, it was used the findings proposed by A. In the social sciences, quantitative research can be defined as any research that uses numbers as the basis for making inferences about the phenomenon under study.One way to answer this question would be to survey schools and determine their average class size and the socioeconomic status of the surrounding neighborhood.The researcher could then compute a correlation coefficient that describes the magnitude of this relationship.


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