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Normally, you should only write monatomic ions and those polyatomic ions that are listed in Table 2.4. There are times when it is convenient to represent ionic compounds in "molecular form" (that is, as complete formulas rather than separated ions) even though that's not the way they exist in aqueous solution.

Normally, you should only write monatomic ions and those polyatomic ions that are listed in Table 2.4. There are times when it is convenient to represent ionic compounds in "molecular form" (that is, as complete formulas rather than separated ions) even though that's not the way they exist in aqueous solution.

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Combination reactions are recognizable by the feature that they have 2 or more reactants, but they form only one product.

Examples are 8Fe(s) S(g) These reactions involve a free element which drives another element out of a compound.

The reason for this is, we usually weigh out the chemicals as solids and then dissolve them in water to make the solutions.

If you want to calculate how many grams of one chemical you need to make a certain mass of another, it is easier to do the calculation if the complete formulas are used in the equation -- that's how you weighed the chemicals out when they were still in solid form.

We do, however, often work with aqueous (water) solutions of them.

So while we are not likely to deal with Na Cl(l), it will not be unusual to have Na Cl(aq).Your textbook (Hill and Petrucci) refers to an equation like that above as a complete formula equation.In the above reaction, we know the Cu SO) is present in solution both before (left side of arrow) and after (right side of arrow) the reaction.In this way, the total amount of positive charge in the solution remains constant.The solid piece of zinc "disintegrates" as its atoms enter the solution as ions.Examples are Zn(s) Cu SO(aq) These are reactions between 2 ionic compounds in which cations and anions are exchanged.To better illustrate this, I will write both a word equation and a formula equation in the examples that follow.We can represent the dissociation of Na Cl by the following chemical equation: HTable 2.4 (on page 56 of your Hill and Petrucci textbook) lists the common polyatomic ions you will encounter in general chemistry.If you write a polyatomic ion that is not listed in this table, chances are you are writing an ion that does not exist.The origin of the term is that these ions really don't participate in the reaction, much as a spectator does not participate at a sporting event.ion is removed from the solution as a neutral Cu atom.


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