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is not just a fancy literary term for an autobiography.I say that from the start, because I hear the terms used interchangeably so often. Simply put, an autobiography is likely to cover one’s birth to the present — emphasis often on accomplishments, but the more honest and revelatory the better.I was scared to death every time I heard him come in late at night.

They fear abandonment, loneliness, and the loss of loved ones.

Regardless your theme, if it touches on any of those wants and fears, readers will identify.

Naturally, the better the stories, the better the memoir.

are not the point — and frankly, neither is the memoirist (you).

Your memoir will be autobiographical, but it will not be your life story. A memoir draws on selected anecdotes from your life to You might start with memories that show how bad things once were for you.

Then you would show pivotal experiences in your life, important people in your transformation, what you learned, and how you applied certain principles to see this vast change.

So feature that support your theme, regardless how painful it is to resurrect the memories.

The more introspective and vulnerable you are, the more effective will be your memoir.

But if your memoir doesn’t enrich, entertain, or enlighten readers, they won’t stay with it long, and they certainly won’t recommend it.

And remember, it’s not that you’ve made something of yourself — even if you have.


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