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So let's cover the third test that's made available by Mc Kinsey today: Mc Kinsey PST C. If a lot of staff fall sick, then they will still get paid but fewer items will be handled, so the proposed measure would suggest that productivity has fallen.So far candidates have asked us to write detailed answers for the following questions in Mc Kinsey PST C: If there are any additional questions you would like us to write a detailed answer for, leave a comment at the bottom of this page and our team will get back to you. However, what we want to measure with productivity is how many items an employee can process under normal conditions.The answer key does not explain in details the formula for this calculation. Then you can pick the answer that gives a number of customers greater or equal than your result.

So the idea would be to see if the relative increase in hours worked is enough to cover the relative increase in items arriving.

But in fact, you do not even need to calculate the percentages, since hours worked decreased while items arriving increased!

Therefore you can rewrite the formula for profit as: Profit = (number of customers x 100) - (10,000 15 x 0.2 x number of customers) = (number of customers) x (100 - 15 x 0.2) - 10,000 Set this equal to zero and re-arrange to get: number of customer to break even = 10,000 / 97 = 103. Yes this is a fairly long question, though setting up the equation as I did above should take less than 2 minutes as it is a standard profit equation. However, you can start by eliminating answers, since clearly 10,000 / 97 is greater than 10,000 / 100 which is 100, so A and B cannot be right.

Then to choose between C and D it might be quicker to verify each answer by multiplication rather than do the division: 97 x 108 is equal to (100-3) x 108 which is 100 x 108 - 3 x 108 which is 10,800 - 324 which you can see is not equal to 10,000 (or if you start from 104, you quickly get the correct answer).

As a consequence, we have regularly had candidates reaching out to us and asking for help to understand some of the official answers provided by Mc Kinsey since we launched IGot An Offer.

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We already published detailed answers for the Mc Kinsey PST A and detailed answers for the Mc Kinsey PST B at the beginning of this year. The answers are much more detailed than in the official PST which is very helpful.You should take the word "employee cost" in the question as meaning the same as "employee cost" in the description, i.e. What you need to keep in mind is that if the question would like you to do additional calculations, then it would ask for it specifically, for example by asking for I have doubt about Question 22 from Mckinsey official PST practice test C.The answer says the new premium income is around 5m which increased about 18% over the original premium income which is 0m?In this context, proportional means in the same direction, as otherwise the option would have asked if the two variables are "inversely proportional".I was wondering if you could please help me understand question 15 from Mc K test C?Answer C states that there 'are differing levels in the average volume of trash per customer in the different cities.' The answer indicates that Answer C does NOT help explain the differences in net profit margins.Whilst I do agree that the fees are set per month, in the introduction it says that 'The monthly fee depends on the volume of trash to be handled.' That gives me an indication that although a monthly fee, the fee is very much dependent on the volume of trash (i.e., for instance, the price is set every beginning of month, depending how much trash was disposed of last month).So clearly there wasn't a sufficiently large increase in hours worked to cover the higher amount of items arriving, since hours were actually lower.However, we understand how the question can be confusing because it asks about whether the change is proportional.We agree that the conclusion is not very clear on this one.Our feeling is that, if anything, option C would explain why the proportion of large businesses that are aware of the service is larger than the proportion of small businesses.


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