Maturity Essay

Maturity Essay-45
Become aware of what you speak and how you speak on a day-to-day basis.

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3 The suggested length of the essay is about one full sheet of folded writing paper (approximately four pages) with text on every line. The heading and the contents shall correspond to each other.

5 You shall master the basics of spelling and punctuation. 6 The relations between sentences and clauses shall be expressed clearly.

A minimum of three weeks shall be allowed for the marking of a maturity test.

The supervisor of your thesis makes an assessment of the maturity test in terms of its contents and language, and then submits it to the Student Affairs Office (KTK254, student affairs secretary).

The maturity test consists of a scientifically oriented essay of approximately four pages on the selected topic. The essay shall be written on every line of a folded A4 sheet of cross-ruled writing paper with fairly large squares.

The contents and the language of the maturity test are assessed by the primary supervisor of your thesis.

The applicant is on a self-promotion spree here, while also berating others. The result is a salvo of thoughts flying in all directions, but making no impression at all.

He does not have the ability to analyze a situation and serve the reader information after assimilating and filtering it.

The maturity test shall be taken at least four weeks in advance of the date when the Dean accepts the thesis.

For the maturity test, the supervisor of the Master’s thesis will give two or three topics related to the thesis, and the student shall choose one of them.


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