Macbeth Guilt Essay

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In this scene Lady Macbeth is observed sleepwalking but a doctor and a nurse.

The guilt of Lady Macbeth is evident during this scene as she reveals her true colours whilst unaware of her surroundings.

We can link this to both her statement 'a little water clears us of this deed', and Macbeths insight upon actually committing the murder that 'will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood... ' Although they share a common aim (ambition), their beliefs are different; ultimately, however all their beliefs are proved hollow.

Lady Macbeth however can be shown as the victim as she didn't think through the 'plan' to its full extent as she didn't acknowledge all the aspects and outcomes. Lady Macbeth has given Macbeth so much- she is to a certain extent the person who gave him his power. Where she gave him ambition she has suffered as now he's got ambition he no longer need Lady Macbeth.

Things are slipping out of hand for Lady Macbeth; this is most evident in her figurative yet fragmented language, as she talks about the murder of Duncan.

Throughout the scene Lady Macbeth is revealing her past- her lies.Although Macbeth was influenced by Lady Macbeth and the witches in committing the murder, his deep desire and character motivates and fuels his ambition. The thought of murder and treachery must have crossed Macbeth’s mind as his guilt is noticed by Banquo: “Good sir, why do you start, and seem to fear things that do sound so fair?Macbeth is firstly influenced by the three witches who prophecy that he will be king. ” Macbeth’s “black and deep desires” horrify him and he refuses to speak of them openly, but he sends a letter to his wife, Lady Macbeth, explaining the situation.Instead of listening to his conscience, he suppresses his guilt and continues with his ambition.Even his mind, intoxicated by the thoughts of murder, directes him to the kings room.When Lady Macbeth and Macbeth were together they were strong with each others support, now that there apart they are weak.During her sleep Lady Macbeth is giving the game away to both the General women and Doctor.Macbeth has decided to put ambition before family, this may be a reason for why he found it easy to slaughter Macduff's family and attempted to do the same to Fleance.However, unlike the other victims in the play Lady Macbeth is not a victim of murder but a victim of her own guilt which is eating her away and will eventually leave here dead inside. This means she can no longer 'look like the flower, but be the serpent underneath it' as their secrecy was there security.Lady Macbeth seems to be living a lie; this will lead to further questions being raised by those who know the truth. Conclusion To a certain extent irony plays a large role in Act 5 Scene 1, as the physical symptoms of Lady Macbeth's guilt include hopelessly trying to clean her hands.


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