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The film begins with the image of a deeply divided society in 1990, as Mandela is released from 27 years of incarceration.

The film begins with the image of a deeply divided society in 1990, as Mandela is released from 27 years of incarceration.A poignant opening scene sees Mandela drive along a long dirt road that runs between two playing fields, on one side, young black children shout excitedly as Mandela passes.

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Just as Priam goes to Achilles “as a father”, using their common quality, fatherhood, to further understand each other, Mandela, too, emphasises the point that you must “know [your] enemy before [you] c[an] prevail against him” and thus he “learned their language, read their books, their poetry”.

Mandela attempts to unite Black and white South Africans, despite the mutual animosity and distrust fostered by decades of apartheid.

Somax’s trivial yet symbolically significant story about the griddle-cakes represents a moment of anagnorisis for Priam, wherein the shared bond of humanity in fatherhood allows Priam to obtain insight, and progressively grow as a human and as a leader.

This incident fuels the journey to appeal to Achilles “man to man”, Priam’s insight into the power of empathy allows him to appeal to their shared bond as suffering fathers.

The relationship between Priam and Somax illustrates this complex theme most clearly.

The two men, despite being deeply separated by their class, education and power, share their common familial experiences.This equality is also symbolised by the passing of the tea to Pienaar, the close up shot where both arms of the individuals are depicted on an equal level reinforces this sense of mutual equality and respect, extolling the virtues of empathy and integrity as a uniting force.Mandela and Priam symbolise how leadership must inevitably entail familial sacrifices.Both leaders self-identify with their nation and people.Priam embodies Troy itself, his body is the ‘living map’ of the kingdom.To learn more, head over to our full Ransom Study Guide (covers themes, characters, chapter summaries, quotes and more).Both texts are centrally concerned with the significance of the universal experiences of love, loss, grief and hope to unite a divided people.The film follows President Mandela’s attempt to infuse a deeply divided country with new energy, by supporting the South African rugby team’s victorious 1995 World Cup Campaign.The unlikely bond formed between President Mandela and Francois Pienarr, the captain of the rugby team, illustrates themes of unity and reconciliation in a divided nation.On the other side, immaculately dressed white boys stare vacantly, as their coach proclaims, “This is the day our country went to the dogs.” This tumultuous period in South African history is of central concern to ‘Invictus’, as Eastwood portrays the lingering racial prejudices imbedded in this society.The film portrays the tension between the bitter resentment of black South Africans towards their former oppressors, with the fear and uncertainty of white Afrikaners under Mandela’s political leadership.


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