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Skill level: All Price: Free-,500The easiest way to start learning is to use Tableau’s official training resources. The resources are split into two sections: the free-to-use training videos and the paid courses.The free training videos are singlehandedly capable of taking you to a good standard. Introductory lessons include Getting Started and troubleshooting, the intermediate courses move on to cover connecting to data, using dashboards, and mapping.The Reader app lets anyone open and view (but not edit) visualizations made in the Desktop app, while Public lets you create graphs, charts, maps, and other visualizations, then publish them on the web.

However, if you can work with text, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The amount of content the course covers is breathtaking, especially considering it is free. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you should be able to work through the first few chapters without too much difficulty.

Our three levels of learning are there to meet the needs of people fulfilling different roles, starting at foundational level and working up to advanced level and specialist topic areas.

We offer relevant, accessible and engaging face-to-face training at venues across the four regions of the UK including at our dedicated training facility in Kent.

There are also tutorials for the admin side of the app such as security and user management. For advanced courses, you’ll need to shell out for the professional courses. They are much more detailed and cover more advanced ideas.

You can take them in-person or in a virtual classroom.The course begins with an overview of the Tableau apps and working environment; it covers some apps (such as Tableau Reader and Tableau Public) which aren’t discussed in the Udemy course.The second half of the course covers topics such as connecting to data sources, blending data, and extracting data.You’ll be ready for the intermediate courses in no time.The course will teach you all the basics of using the software—though you will need to download the free trial of Tableau Desktop before you start.Keep reading to discover the best online training and tutorials for Tableau.We’ll cover some free and paid options for all skill levels.Skill level: Beginner Price: Free The text-based beginners’ tutorial from Intellipaat is the perfect complement to the introductory Udemy course we discussed above.It builds on the fundamental principles you that you have already been introduced to, without over complicating the course with information you’re still not ready for.Call 03 (option 3) to discuss our hosted and bespoke training packages.One of the best ways to enhance your employability is to earn certifications in a particular skillset.


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