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Note: If you are looking for a "Template MSc report according the TUDelft housestyle" you can find it on the site of DCSC . Ti Z&PGF manual: this page you can find a selection of manuals about La Te X This site gives you information to install a La Te X system on a windows pc, for instance on your laptop or on your home pc.

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Template Beamer presentation according the TUDelft housstyle: On this Beamer page, you can find an example for a beamer presentation with a TUDelft housestyle.

You can use it as a template to make your own presentation in the TUDelft housestyle.

Observe that the MSc Geomatics at TU Delft has no formal requirements, how the document looks like (fonts, margins, headers, etc) is entirely up to you.

This is the TU Delft La Te X template for reports and theses, downloaded from TU Delft corporate design downloads.

The template is designed to work with all versions of La Te X, but if you want to adhere to the TU Delft house style, you need to use Xe La Te X, as it supports True Type and Open Type fonts.\Require Package \Warning Filter \documentclass \usepackage \usepackage \begin %% Use Roman numerals for the page numbers of the title pages and table of %% contents.

\frontmatter %% Uncomment following 19 lines for a cover with a picture on the lower half only %\title[tudelft-white] %\subtitle[tudelft-cyan] %\author[tudelft-white] %\affiliation %\coverimage %\titleoffsetx %\titleoffsety %\afiloffsetx %\afiloffsety %\covertext[tudelft-white] %\makecover %% Uncomment following 16 lines for a cover with a picture on the lower half only \title[tudelft-white] \subtitle[tudelft-black] \author[tudelft-white] \affiliation \coverimage \covertext[tudelft-white] \setpagecolor \makecover[split] %% Include an optional title page.I liked it back then, but thought it was somewhat of a niche thing used in mathematics and physics departments only.Apparently it’s not: I learned that its heavily used in bioinformatics as well.Not only for generating scientifc publications you can use La Te X, but also for presentations you can use it.You can make presentations like Powerpoint by use of the package Beamer.Obtaining good results is a matter of choosing tens of packages and patches, which can generate confusing results if you do not know what is going on.I still don’t know what is going on, and my thesis has a strong focus on software development.The formal requirements (forms, timeline, green-light moment, etc.) vary per faculty.You are responsible for managing these requirements.I am currently working on modifying the TU Delft (TUD) dissertation template (found here) to meet my needs.Instead of just chapters I will have parts as well.


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