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Many factors cause children to participate in the consumption of alcohol - alcoholic parents, peer pressure, and the media are major determining factors.The most influential factor, however, is the media, which is generally unregulated and uncensored.The final big issue is the number of studentswho die every year from alcohol poisoning.

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Some problems caused by alcohol in college are,missing an assignment or class, or even death.

Drinking a beer a day has been found healthy, but in college that is never thecase.

Maybe if theschool did more about educating the students on the issues of drinking therewouldn't be so many binge drinkers.

If that huge paper is due in a couple daysor there is class in the morning going out and partying is not going to helpwith either situation.alcohol to children For years, the population has been exposed to different forms of media.

Not that everyone drinks or everyone drinks a lot but there is alwaysthat select group that will drink more nights out of a week than not.

And whenthat group drinks they drink heavily in order to be drunk.

Some very common ways for studentsto get this is by doing shots of hard liqour or now the tool called a beerbong.

Both involve swallowing a lot of alcohol very quickly which is verydangerous for the body, and can many times lead to being very ill or death.

Whether intentional or not, there has always been an existence of alcohol in all forms of the media.

I examine how alcohol-brewing companies intentionally target youth in their advertising campaigns.


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