Indented Writings On Paper Can Be Revealed By

Indented Writings On Paper Can Be Revealed By-44
Like fingerprinting, there are no known statistical frequencies for handwriting analysis. There are no clear categories for handwriting to be slotted into because of natural variation; it isn't clear what is being counted (one letter could have more than one significant feature); each feature is not totally independent; and how do you assign values to handwriting features such as spacing, slope, or line quality.

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Combine that with spelling, punctuation, grammar, diction, etc., and you've got a completely one-of-a-kind document.

One key point for all comparisons is that they must be compared to a similar sample.

If all the students are taught this way then they lose the uniqueness.

The conditions for which samples are given, should be relatively similar.

There are certain steps that can be taken though to minimize attempts at deception.

In 1978, a parcel exploded as it was being opened at campus security at a North-western University.

Styles and habits can change whether a person is using a pen or a pencil, lined or unlined paper - so a large collection of documents is best.

Exemplars should also contain some of the words and combinations of letters present in the questioned document.

An examiner tries to answer the following questions about the document: positive conclusion.

The quality of the writings being compared, the quality of the sample, lack of a representative sample, individuality of the writing, and the conditions under which writing was executed.


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