Images To Inspire Creative Writing Ks2

Images To Inspire Creative Writing Ks2-72
All slides include both a five minute and fifteen minute timer, as well as a checklist for them to compare against to make sure they have everything they'll need in their creative writing!The ability to accurately and vividly describe something in the world around you is not a skill that should be underestimated.

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Tattoos A Hug Seen Around the World Mermaid School Anger Rooms Dabbing in Congress Hitler and History Gender and ‘Genderless’Solving Global Problems Fashion-Show Diversity The Role of Public Broadcasting Children and Cell Phones U. O.s‘A Man Needs His Nuggs’Parenting Skills_______A Fire Hose of Lava Math Problem Fall Foliage Basketball Dreams Insect Mysteries Goats in a Tree_________Want more writing prompts?

We also have over 1000 Student Opinion questions we’ve asked over the years, gathered together in two lists: 650 prompts for narrative and personal writing and 401 prompts for argumentative writing.

What sort of adventures might the characters get up to?

This excellent Power Point provides images for your children to use as inspiration for creative writing!

We’ve selected some inspiring images here for you to download and use as stimuli for your We Are Writers book.

Simply select one of the images to download it as a file*. Download image Ask the children to imagine that they are in one of the landscapes shown here.

Just the other day, Hulk had stumped his toe on the corner of his bed, so had thrown his bed out of the window where it landed on top of next door’s car…Today he was going to try his very best to not find himself in any embarrassing situations… A verb is an action, and an adverb describes the verb.

When you finish your writing can you make a tally chart showing how many times you have used the following word classes: noun, adjective, verb, adverb. Can you identify the word classes in the following sentence?

On opening slide you can either click button which will choose a slide at random, or enter a number.

On that picture slide, there is a button which will give a 10 minute count down in which the children then write around the picture.


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