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In the last centuries the life expectancy had been about 50-55 years and now it is 60-70 years in developed countries.In Norway for example, it is more than 80 years for women.We should help people to live longer, and more importantly better.

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The question is that "Is this it a gaining or draining for humans being to live longer?

" The increase of life expectancy has two negative consequences.

Age is a number and it does not depict all the aspects of life.

The quality of life is significantly reduced the older we become.

In the modern world, the expected life of an individual is gradually increasing.

Many people think that the trend is a positive development, but it has caused some problems for many countries.Of course, it will burden the society in several ways, but the society is nothing without the people in it.[ Written by - Shahab Mehraban ] Nowadays, humans' lifespan has significantly improved than before.Diseases are discovered and diagnosed more precisely and quickly and the treatments are more effective.Since elderly people are more frail and fragile, the incidence of diseases is higher among them.The following essay will discuss the effect of this positive trend, and some of the ways that could be considered in addressing the problem.It is a fact that average life expectancy of a single person has increased these days, due to the global improvement in the sector of economic, social politic, education and public health.Besides that, governments could also provide a subsidy for the young people when they plan to buy a house.In conclusion, the world is developing rapidly in the last few years, and it has positively impacted on the average life expectancy.It affects a person’s experience of life in his/her last years, and it also is a burden on the society in several ways. There are many factors that affect the length of our lives.Thanks to the scientific developments, medical achievements and increasing life quality in the last decades, life expectancy has raised from what it had been before.


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