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DD lost out on uni place as her Product design coursework (50% of her grade) has dropped from a borderline A* (according to her school) to a C which changes her overall grade from an A to a C. I wish I knew what to suggest, other than contacting the That's a really awful situation.

This has happened to all in her class so all are affected. Sounds like the person teaching it has missed some vital aspect of the criteria if everyone has been marked down.

Perhaps something at her age she should be doing without Mummy holding her hand Sorry this has happened to her and her class mates.

Head of 6th form said that they are roughly shaving off 4 marks each year to make grade attainment harder.

In 2002 (I'm so old ) my French a level coursework went from an A to a D on moderation.

It was annoying for sure but I never got it remarked as no one did then and I had got in to my uni so it didn't matter.

This happened to my entire class with our Graphics GCSE many years ago, except that they decided none of our coursework met the criteria and we got 0 for it.

It sounds like they've taken a sample from the centre (normal and happens every year) and the moderator has found enough substantial problems with the sample that the whole centre has been pulled down.

I’ve had no call and no one answered the phone when i called so I will have to go in tomorrow.

All the places are going at universities so I don’t know what can be done. Dropped 6 marks from an A* to an A and she is now 2 marks of an A*.


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