How To Write A Department Business Plan

Focus Areas should be tighter in definition than your Vision Statement - but not to the level of having any particular metric or deadline. I for one certainly can't focus on more than 5 things at once!Following our manufacturing example above, some good Focus Areas might include: We usually suggest creating between 3 to 5 Focus Areas. You absolutely want your people to feel empowered to come up with innovative and creative ways to be successful.If you're ready to start creating you vision statement, check out 'How to Write A Good Vision Statement' - the second article in our 'How To Write A Strategic Plan' mini series.

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The need for basic rules about how you want those people to work together is no different as to why the game of soccer needs rules.

They exist to give a common purpose to your team (scoring goals), and to provide boundaries as to what people can to do achieve that purpose (no foul play).

Subsequent parts of the series will show you how to actually create the content for your strategic plan.

You can download our free 'How To Write a Strategic Plan' e Book which contains all of the articles from the series...

But for the same reason that you're reading this guide right now - giving them a framework within which to do so, will be hugely helpful.

Well-written Focus Areas can themselves be inspiring and motivational.Before creating your strategic plan, you need to decide on the structure you will use.There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to structure a strategic plan.This guide will teach you how to write a strategic plan using a simple model that will help you to define precisely what you want to achieve and how you're going to get there.Whether or not you're using a strategic planning software like Cascade, or going old-school with Excel (or even pen and paper!Too often, organizations simply throw out words that they think will sound good in a glossy marketing brochure but have little relevance to anything else.Our take on 'Values' is subtlety different and hopefully somewhat moreoutcomes.) - simply follow the steps outlined here and you'll have written a strategic plan to be proud of before you know it.This article is part one of our mini series 'How to Write a Strategic Plan'.Outcomes matter, but if the way in which you go about achieving them is wrong, the outcomes themselves risk becoming irrelevant.Not only that - but organizations are ultimately nothing more than the sum of the people within them.


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