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My dog ate my homework No, he best excuse is because a potato flew around your room. And I mean, yes,some homework is dumb, but not in the teacher's eyes... Maybe really stupid - Jays Top10List I ran out of toilet paper so I used it to wipe my ass That is amazing. How in the world do you use ROUGH paper to wipe your ass?!?!?! I rather twerk than do my homework Nicki Minaj would use that as a excuse.

I've tried it and it worked In this episode of the amazing world of gumball, gumball and Darwin don't have their homework because they're dad thought eating it would make him smarter so they get sent to theropy because they think they're lying when it's TRUE It's getting old people. - Jays Top10List My mom put it in a shredder because she thought my homework was too dumb to teach me anything Love a savage sister You're mom is not going to do something like that, and if she did, she would send a note. Really that's really weird and crazy if you really did do that That is so messed up I flushed my spelling homework down the toilet Probably because you dropped it and then pooped on it. I got distracted by Jimmy Kimmel Live How in the world would Jimmy Kimmel distract you from doing your homework? - Samui Neko The teacher may just ask you to show them. I got my homework wet in the pool I was just sunbathing near the pool and at the same time doing my work because I do relaxation and work at the same time.

These days, the students have become advanced and so have the excuses that the use for not doing the homework. However, we have a word of caution for you if you are planning to use these excuses.

This is an interesting and elliptically compilation of the wonderful, creative and weird reasons that students have come up with. Be sure that you do not use the same excuse too many times or the teacher will lose sympathy and you won’t get away the next time.Well, then you'd get in huge trouble for refusing to do your homework. - Jays Top10List LOL That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! - Positron Wildhawk This will just get you in serious trouble. I don't know how but something pushed me forward and off I went into the pool with my homework. - Kiteretsunu And It can be dried, just like everything else in the world except a towel. - Samui Neko Why would you bring homework to a pool.Because you accidentally left it there and pooped on it. that is me Miley Cyrus said homework is for people who don't have taste in my music How come this is in this list Then Miley Cyrus must be a Terrible role model (worse than whiny little Caillou) There comes a slap right across Miley Cryus face. - Jays Top10List HAHAAHA if Deadmau5 said I shouldn't do my homework I would do burn my homework and tell my teacher that the profit of god just spoke to me and told me not to do my homework. - Jays Top10List I didn't want to Doing homework sometimes isn't the right thing to do.Preliminary outline sample research paper what is an action research proposal example assignment of ip rights quitclaim body image issues in males property developer business plan format consent to assignment of lease emirates 777 business class seating plans tupperware business plan sample problem solving tools and methods!Information technology research papers examples good topics for cause and effect essays explain how applied economics can be used to solve economic problems how to write a introduction paragraph for a research paper example business plan manual pdf 2500 word essay pages literature review on health and safety.Guidelines on how to write an essay examples solve computer problems luxury writing paper worm farm business plan example good topics for a research paper for english degree!Research paper on legalization of marijuana teen pregnancy essays argumentative essay against technology, masculinity essay, structure of a persuasive essay middle school buy homework assignment nios biology assignment, personal background college essay examples working students research paper 50 topics for argumentative essays students arithmetic sequence problem solving how to write a good proposal for a research paper topics for creative writing for grade 8 apa research papers on prison reform mobile food truck business plan template free united airlines seat assignment online business development plans for hospitals examples of a good research paper conclusion gender inequality essay topics view real business plans compare and contrast essay example high school student words to use when writing an essay strategic plan sample for business card baby homework video write creative anapple5lines how to do assignment problem philosophical essay writing, bio coal business plan university assignments in powerpoint software for creating a business plan apa citation research paper authors.Problem solving strategies by arthur engel pdf how to solve algebra problems pdf social work course descriptions 3d shapes homework for preschool how to write an effective essay the body fun spelling word activities for homework math homework papers for school dissertation topic tips, argumentative research paper on school uniforms do your essay for you 2500 word essay pages.Business plan ideas for class 6 critical thinking definition education conference business plans effects of homework on student achievement written assignment english my dog does my homework poems i need help with my geometry homework answers good medical topics for research papers persuasive essay diagram math expressions homework grade 2 dissertation proposal format for medical thesis writing essay to get into nursing school example of a summary essay back to school writing paper template.My mother ran my homework through the washer and the dryer. My notes were Would you like to use this poem in your classroom?


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