High School Creative Writing Assignments

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Then, group your students in threes to write a summary of an act in the play or a chapter in the novel from each of the three character's perspectives.

Shake things up for your students and try something new with these five writing assignments. The New York Times reported last year that “Common Core State Standards, now in use in more than two-thirds of the states, were supposed to change all this.

“This outdoor writing activity is all about teaching your students how to describe things properly.

Take a little walk with your students just outside the classroom.

When writing is taught as a formula, students fail to discover that their writing can truly engage readers,” says Tricia Ebarvia, an English educator in Pennsylvania.

“And they have little chance to fall in love with writing, to feel how fun it can be, and to see how writing can help them solve problems and figure things out.” It sure seems like we can bring back some of the magic of writing without losing all the rigor. Engage your students to become curators in creating their own anthologies.

The story has to briefly introduce the protagonist, put him or her through a struggle (large or mild) and resolve the struggle in one way or another.

It's much more fun to write if you keep the list items as random as possible and to put them all together at the end.

John Warner, author of Why They Can’t Write: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay and Other Necessities, notes that one of the best writing assignments he ever did was in third grade.

His teacher asked the class to write a how-to on making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then the class would try to make a sandwich live following the written instructions .


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