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Here are some easy organization tips you can implement in addition to recording assignments.As it turns out, this problem is actually very similar in nature to the “Super Bowl Kids” problem, in that students often procrastinate more the larger the project.

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I would let it go and let her get feedback in class from her teacher and classmates.

When your child is stuck, you have three options: First, you can say, By encouraging your child to look for examples or similar problems, she’ll be more likely to solve the problem on her own.

or to jump in to help with homework at the first sign of struggle, especially if our children aren’t forthcoming about their workload or issues they’re having in class.

And on top of that, when our students struggle with motivation, it’s common for them to do the bare minimum or avoid homework altogether. We end up enabling our children by constantly checking to see what homework is due, and helping them get it done on time, even though this task should be their job.

Interestingly though, it isn’t that they’re not working diligently when they do finally sit down to work.

They’re just easily distracted and taken away from that work frequently.Set the timer for 15 minutes at first, and let your child know that if they work as hard as they can for that 15 minutes, they get to take a 5-minute break when it’s done.Then repeat that process, slowly increasing the working time up to 25 minutes. First, set the expectation: they need to record there assignments somewhere.Whether that’s on their first algebra assignment, a year-long science project they don’t know how to start, or a lingering book report where the due date has come and gone…Sometimes it’s hard to know when to step in and how to direct them without helping too much.” Then, instead of fully leaving it to them to work it out, open up a dialogue and try to let them come up with the steps. As they get the hang of it, you can help less and less over time.But don’t be afraid to help the process along when they’re young. I recently spoke to one mom who called our office in Fairfax looking for a tutor. She was making it a regular practice to tap into her freshman son’s school portal each day and print out his assignments so they would be ready for him when he came home from school. They’ll never have the opportunity to develop the skills they’ll need to do that if you don’t set the stage for them to do these things on their own.One of the toughest parts about seeing your kids through school is deciding to “let go.” To let them take responsibility, make mistakes, and “learn how to learn” under their own control.But what happens when they get stuck, and aren’t able (or willing) to figure it out on their own?Instead, we need to add in some planning into the process, and this is where you can help.A great way to do this is to make Sunday dinners the jumping off point for planning.


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