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The types of equations with exponents you'll encounter during your algebra journey could easily fill an entire book.

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The basic strategy for solving any algebraic equation is to first isolate the variable term on one side of the equation, and then apply inverse operations as necessary to strip away any coefficients or exponents.

An inverse operation "undoes" another operation; for example, division "undoes" the multiplication of a coefficient, and square roots "undo" the squaring operation of a second-power exponent.

In this case, that means taking the square root of both sides: equation with two variables, you'll probably be asked to solve for just one of those variables.

In that case you follow much the same procedure as you'd use for any algebraic equation with one variable.

: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, isn't just a cliché; it's also a good idea.

There will be times when the first approach you try doesn't get anywhere. Think about why one technique didn't work—did it give you an answer, but not the one you needed?Perhaps you need to go back and make sure you understand the problem. If you keep trying, and vary your approach, you will get it. If you’ve ever played a video game or packed a suitcase for a long trip, you know that the order and placement of objects makes a difference in the outcome.Take a second to step back and look it over with fresh eyes. Some things can be moved around to wherever they are convenient, while others can only go a certain way or they won’t fit.I read tons of reviews, all with five stars, saying this app saved lives. To test it, I wrote 2 2 in a shimmery purple jell pen on the back of my hand in the dark (not pitch black but lights off blinds closed in the morning) and it was like oh yeah two plus two is four voilaaaa!!!!! either I died or the world was enchanted with a magical spell cuz I am actually looking forward to doing my homework on Monday. Before I did not get math and I had to get my older sister to tutor me but she will be off to college soon and I will be left tutorless. Maybe you don't know how to find all the variables all at once, but you might be able to figure them out one at a time. Sometimes a verbal description or an equation don't really speak to you.Once you solve the easy parts, those answers can help you get the rest of the way. A quick sketch or a careful graph can sometimes make relationships clear in a way that words or numbers don't.Consider the example 5_x_ 4 = 2_y_, if you're asked to solve for equations that have the same two variables in them, this usually means the equations are related – and you can use a technique called substitution to find values for both variables.Consider the equation from the last example, plus a second, related equation that uses the same variables: Lisa studied mathematics at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and spent several years tutoring high school and university students through scary -- but fun! I told her, “mom, the day I become good at math, pigs will fly.” I think pigs just flew. my mom always told me that one day I would be good at math.


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