Greek Philosopher Aristotle Essay

At this point in his career Aristotle began to study logic and the process of thinking.

When Plato died in 347, the Academy came under the control of his nephew Speusippus, who favored mathematical aspects of Platonism that Aristotle, who was more interested in biology, found uncongenial.

He stayed at Plato's Academy until about 347 -- the picture at the top of this page, taken from Raphael's fresco The School of Athens, shows Aristotle and Plato (Aristotle is on the. Though a brilliant pupil, Aristotle opposed some of Plato's teachings, and when Plato died, Aristotle was not appointed head of the Academy.

He was trained first in medicine, and then in 367 he was sent to Athens to study philosophy with Plato.

They didn't have classes on specific subjects taught by teachers.

What they did was challenge each other with questions and debate.

To avoid being put to death, he fled to the island of Euboea, where he died soon after.

After Alexander's death, Athens rebelled against Macedonian rule, and Aristotle's political situation became precarious.

Aristotle spent a lot of time learning about biology.

He was the first to try and classify different types of animals into different groups.


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