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Of those who responded, the men who reported that they engaged in vigorous outdoor exercise nearly every day lived longer than the men who reported that they exercised mildly only once or twice a week.

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business consultant) / statistics / surveys / research data etc depending on the focus of the essay. Suggest that the argument might have a valid point, but that more information would be needed to come to a specific conclusion.

You can definitely come up with some canned phrases that you can use on the essay (esp. Primarily,…Main body: The argument fails to provide any justification that….

If you are judged to have plagiarised any part of your essay you risk having your score discounted.

The final paragraph is the place to cover what else you would need to know before you are able to decide whether the conclusion is actually valid.

The following format should point you in the right direction.

Write an introduction explaining in your own words what the argument claims.Instead, the River Bridge has deteriorated far more rapidly over the past 20 years than has the much longer Derby Bridge up the river.Even though the winters have been severe in the past several years, this is no excuse for the negligence and wastefulness of Durant." Sample Response Topic # 4: The following is from an editorial in the Midvale Observer, a local newspaper.After all, he is the one who approved the construction of the bridge.If he had approved a wider and better-designed bridge, on which approximately the same amount of public money would have been spent, none of the damage or problems would have occurred."Ever since the 1950's, when television sets began to appear in the average home, the rate of crimes committed by teenagers in the country of Alta has steadily increased.This increase in teenage crime parallels the increase in violence shown on television.This �what else� paragraph obviates the necessity for a formal conclusion.Useful statements are along the lines of: XYZ might include one or other of: Expert opinion (e.g."In a study of the effects of exercise on longevity, medical researchers tracked 500 middle-aged men over a 20-year period.The subjects represented a variety of occupations in several different parts of the country and responded to an annual survey in which they were asked: How often and how strenuously do you exercise?


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