French And Indian War Essay

French And Indian War Essay-1
As it was the time of colonial empires and the time of the constant fight from power many wars broke out as the result.It was basically fission of the territory among the strongest countries such as France, Britain and Spain.

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Washington was an ambitious young man who wanted to pursue a military career.

Before his death, Washington’s older, half-brother Lawrence Washington had a brevet officer’s commission in the regular British army during the British invasion of Cartagena[1] and served as the military adjutant for Virginia.

The war began with the French and Indians destroying the Hoosick settlement in 1754 and continuous destruction of other settlements, sometimes even with victims.

French and Indian war (1754 - 1763) essay Introduction: The Great War for Empire is the name of the war that took place starting from 1754 and was over in 1763. This event made a high impact into the American history.

The colonial government divided the colony into four military districts; Washington lobbied for the adjutancy of the Northern Neck, which included his home.

However, Washington was appointed to the adjutancy of the Southern district, which stretched from the James River to the North Carolina border.

It was common in eighteenth-century Virginia for official positions to pass down within families, and it may have been with this in mind that Washington actively sought to succeed Lawrence as a military adjutant.

The adjutants’ role was to instruct the militia officers and soldiers in the use and exercise of their arms, to increase discipline in the militia, and to teach the men of the lower classes how to be more civilized.

The colonial Albany in 1754 also got interfered into the conflict as they tried to consolidate their position through the Albany Plan of Union.

This conflict gave Albany the advantage of adjusting contacts.


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