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The critical thinking games I am going to share in this post take a lot of brain energy!They are designed to be fun- but challenging- for your students.

Students are presented with incomplete flowcharts representing whatever topic they are exploring.

They are then required to drag and drop the missing elements of the flowchart to the right position.

I know they will add fun, play, and lots of great thinking skills into your classroom routine.

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When they play a game with rules to follow, they are learning how to cooperate and interact with others.

When our students complete puzzles, they are working on problem-solving skills.

I use many of my critical thinking games during morning work time on Mondays and Fridays and during math and literacy centers.

(On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays we use my See, Think, Wonder, Write routine for morning work.) I will be sharing more about my morning tub time (or what I like to call, Brain Bins) in future blog posts.

Whenever possible, I like to get rid of the boxes the games come in and put them into plastic tubs.

The boxes just seem to deteriorate over time, and the lids on the plastic bins help us keep everything tidy and organized.


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