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Use plenty of examples when writing study notes Many main points and concepts can be demonstrated with examples.

Kinesthetic learners tend to make better associations with the examples than just the plain facts.

For example, most science concepts can be backed up with specific examples. instead of just remembering the formula, F = m × a, you can think of a cellphone being dropped from a second story balcony, and how force, mass, and acceleration are related.

(The more personal or relatable to their everyday life the better)Many of the arts subjects include many examples and case studies.

Have you tried any of these activities in your lessons?

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Are there other kinesthetic activities that have worked well for you? Get apps and activities delivered to your inbox monthly: Looking for a therapy job?I was anticipating the multiple learning styles that may be in the classroom.Just prior to my moment in the spotlight, I looked at some of the more tactile items and said, “These are for the kinesthetic learners, although I doubt they made it this far.” There is a large amount of truth in this statement, but not for the reasons you may predict.Try and get your teen to think of these ‘situations’, not just the plain facts.Study with other people Kinesthetic learners enjoy discussion.If so, you many have a kinesthetic learner on your hands. Kinesthetic learning (also referred to as, tactile learning) is an approach that involves carrying out a physical activity as opposed to sitting and listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration.Children who are who are “kinesthetic learners,” tend to illustrate what’s known as “physical memory” when taught in this manner, and will retain more of what they’ve learned.Do something while you study Tap a pencil, squeeze a stress ball, or do something to occupy the want to do something with their hands without becoming a distraction.Just make sure that this doesn’t become a distraction itself!Use flash cards Flash cards make kinesthetic learners turn simple recall into a game. Simply write a question or topic suggestion on one side of a card, and the answer or a list of details they should remember on the other side.The beauty of flash cards is that you can use them by yourself or with others.


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