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At age fourteen, Swift entered Trinity College, Dublin. As a result of the political turmoil, Swift left Ireland and Trinity College for England in 1689 without getting the master's degree that he had been working towards at the time.

Swift was plagued with fits of dizziness, and he left Moor Park for Ireland in 1690 for his health, but soon returned to England. He stayed there until Temple's death in 1699, helping him ready his memoirs and letters for publication. After Temple's death, Swift accepted an offer to work as secretary and chaplain to the Lord Justice Charles Berkeley in Ireland.

The job, however, Swift learned upon his arrival, had been given to someone else.

At Moor Park, Temple's residence, Swift met Esther Johnson.

She was eight years old at the time, her father was dead, and she was the daughter of one of Temple's servants.

Swift became her tutor and developed a lifelong relationship with her, which perhaps extended even to matrimony, but that is not clear. Afterwards, he again left Moor Park for Ireland, where he was ordained as a priest in the Church of Ireland and became the administrator of a church in Kilroot.

He wrote about her, assigning her literary manifestation the name Stella. Unhappy with his assignment there and perhaps disappointed in love, rejected by Jane Waring, to whom he had proposed marriage, Swift returned to Moor Park again in 1696.Within the context of shifting powers and fierce political and religious enmities, Swift had to make his career.In England, Swift became a part of the household of Sir William Temple, statesman and diplomat, whom he served as secretary.Swift also began writing Gulliver's Travels, which was published in 1726 and enjoyed enormous success, multiple printings, and immediate translation into French, German, and Dutch. 10 Threescore, I think, is pretty high; 'Twas time in conscience he should die.Swift died in 1745, a hero to the Irish, after a prolonged and debilitating illness that began in 1738. This world he cumbered long enough; He burnt his candle to the snuff; And that's the reason, some folks think, 15 He left behind so great a s—k.Swift is known as a great prose satirist rather than as a poet, although he wrote a voluminous amount of poetry, and "A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General" certainly falls well within his favored mode of expression.Swift is universally known for his novel Gulliver's Travels, a sharp, bitter, and angry satire on everything from the nature of the English government to human nature itself.By this time, Swift had become a close advisor to the Tory government. Well, since he's gone, no matter how, 5 The last loud trump must wake him now: And, trust me, as the noise grows stronger, He'd wish to sleep a little longer.In 1714, when Queen Anne died and the Tories were displaced by the Whigs, who came to power with the ascendancy of George I to the throne, Swift returned to Ireland as Dean of St. In Ireland, Swift continued to write political pamphlets urging justice for Ireland. And could he be indeed so old As by the newspapers we're told?True to his profit and his pride, He made them weep before he died.Come hither, all ye empty things, 25 Ye bubbles raised by breath of kings; Who float upon the tide of state, Come hither, and behold your fate.


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