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Some of the strategic With that as the external panoramic view, let me paint the picture for you, from the inside", said Pat (Resource).This type of media coverage causes a decrease of the number of patients that the hospital serves every year.Further, theres` a lot of opportunities available for nurses alike, Peace Corps/Missionary Work, Mentorship to a nursing student, School Nurse, Hospice, Nursing Home, and Volunteer to teach classes with community help organizations (Alcoholic Anonymous, abuse victim groups, YMCAs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H.) Thus, there`s nothing wrong to be a volunteer nurse but a contrast that nurses situation here in the Philippines was unlikely to other countries such United States of America and European countries that can always get a job right away after graduated.

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The fixed cost cannot be reduced so if there is decrease in the patient admittance into the hospital for service then the less income the hospital receives.

That means the hospital needs decide on cutting the cost on the fixed cost just to break even to keep the hospital running.

The hospital has 28% fixed cost yearly that is required to run the hospital business such as: paying the bills which most likely includes paying the employees, utilities equipment maintenance and serving the people.

Some of the data shows that the hospital needs to "hold steady at 7863 patients and 39,866 patient days" or the hospital will need to reduce fixed cost by 15%.

That`s why capacity of some other nursing schools at this time doesn`t accept and offer a nursing course.

In a way Like any other third-world country, the Philippines have been struggling in some one of it is illegal drug use.Faith Hospital is faced with issues that needed attention and the board of directors must be notified of the issues so that a solution can be remedy to help the hospital stay in business.Chris was to look at the different issues that Pat had informed of her during their first meet and capture only what were the essential issues for the board of directors to know.Some of the tough decisions would be to reduce the hospital's headcount. Nucum TFN 1NU03 Sir Dela Cruz “ The Role of Volunteer Nurses in the present Philippine health care situation” First question is why do nurses volunteer?The senate discovered this tactics of hospitals, the root of a reason for all newly grad nurses is the overpopulation in the Philippines.A thought of a senators is to limit the supply of the number of nursing students entering nursing schools.With the decrease of patient, that translates to the decrease of revenue for the hospital that affects the hospitals budget.Compare to the prior year the hospital lost 7% of the patient population.These are the main reasons: Using your skills to help others.Nurses often have specialized skills and knowledge that can benefit a wide array of people. If you lose your job or are just starting out as a nurse, what better way to improve your resume than serving others?


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