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Motor vehicle engineers who want to check the composition of exhaust gases.

The funnel is connected, via a T-shaped valve to a tap, where water is flush through the tap.

This causes a reduction in air pressure in the funnel and more effectively draws to the solution through the filter paper.

Chemical suppliers want to provide pure caffeine to clients.

This method usually involves solvent extraction with a chlorinated alkane (e.g. With care it is possible to recycle the solvent and avoid health and environmental damage.

Recent research has shed light on this phenomenon: The fast-moving shiny drops that skid across the surface of soapy water.

Detergents play a crucial role – but how does the concentration of detergent affect the drops? What about a surface of anionic detergents and drops of cationic ones?

My question is would it make me seem like a weak candidate for medicine if I switched to do my EE in latin?

I have lots more experiencing doing essays about latin literature, and i find it a lot more enjoyable to write about in depth.

Synthesis of it is also a good way to learn some useful chemical techniques where 2-hydroxybenzenecarboxylic acid (salicylic acid) is esterified using ethanoic anhydride: The technique used to synthesize aspirin is refluxing, filtering under reduced pressure, recrystalization and melting point determination.

Refluxing is, in some ways similar to distillation but the condenser is placed vertically and not horizontally.


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