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It could be one of those exceptions when a reader may describe the piece as “sentimental” without intending harm to poet or poem.During the past four decades, his poems were full of innumerable moments of depth and incredible grace.His poem “Dog’s Death” is an unusual thing that is recognized as a genuinely sad poem despite being rarely anthologized.Describing his main subject as the Protestant middle class, American small-town, John Updike is noted for his prolificacy, unique prose style and careful craftsmanship, having published 22 novels, children’s books, literary criticism as well as more than a dozen short stories collections.Since 1950s, hundreds of his poems, reviews and stories have appeared in The New Yorker.In general, the writer’s works often explore death, faith, sex, and their interrelation (Updike, John).The master of American realism, he dealt with themes as diverse as the African despotism and existence of God.Perhaps the author tells his listeners and readers at once as a prologue to prepare them for the complete tragedy of dog’s demise as Shakespeare has done in his prologue to Romeo and Juliet.Shakespeare prepares the readers for the death of the star-crossed lovers.Through the entire work, the initial, middle, and finale parts are traced, arranging the events into the type of story.It is hard to describe the death as well as the feelings of emptiness and loss.


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