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She was a contemporary writer whose poems followed the mentoring of Robert Lowell and Anne Sexton.She took great pride in her writing although her greatest poems were the aftermath of a horrible time for her.Lastly, the major influence on Sylvia Plath’s writing was her periods of depression and suicidal thoughts. The tone in many of her poems reflects her suicidal feelings and hopeless fears.

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Her work is known for the violent imagery credited to some of her most questionable times in life.

Although Sylvia Plath experienced a hard life full of suicidal thoughts, these unbearable times ultimately led to her most famous poetry today.

Plath was born into a Massachusetts home on October 27, 1932 to a highly academic couple.

When she was only eight years old her father died of diabetes.

She was also illustrating her feelings of resentment towards her husband with her harsh and vivid words. The poem “Daddy” exemplifies the pain that was stored and built up in Sylvia’s childhood.

When she first heard of her father’s death, she proclaimed, “I will never speak to God again”.Her father’s death and her husband’s abandonment influenced her writing in several different of her poems.Plath’s suicidal tendencies and the deep depressions she suffered also led to some of her darkest and more cynical poems.“In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman / Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.” Also, it is not a coincidence that Plath died young; just as the character she portrays would rather die young and be young forever than watch herself age.“One cannot clearly distinguish the traumas she experienced from those she constructed in print” (Axelrod 1).As the professor from the University of California Riverside says, Plath’s poems show anguish like none other of her time period.The poems that composed Ariel have been primarily responsible for Plath’s after-death fame (Stevenson 2).Sylvia expressed herself through increasingly angry and powerful poems.Once again, her feeling of neglect and let down by her husband are illustrated in her descriptive word choice and interesting rhyme scheme.“Lady Lazarus” is a poem about her love-hate relationship with death and the agony she went through during the end of her marriage.


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