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Although Painter puts forth the 60 recordings of the name James as referring to eight different individuals, it is easier to condense these into five persons using clear links, rather than eight people using cryptic language.Discuss how the Gospels treat the entire issue of the “brothers of Jesus” with regard to their attitude and relation to him and his movement.As suggested earlier, Clophas/Alphaeus, Joseph’s brother, could have been named James.

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Mark 6:3 is the core verse regarding the manes of the four brothers.

Later in Mark 6:4 Jesus says, “prophets are not without honor…except among their own kin.” Taken literally, one can assume the author here is meaning kin as Jesus’ brothers.

The western view is stricter in that it holds not only Mary, but Joseph also to be virgins throughout their entire lives.

These “brothers” are merely cousins that seem to come onto the scene.

We do not know the name of this individual, but suspect the person named Clophas/Alphaeus recorded in the New Testament (Luke , etc.) is this man.

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Clophas/Alphaeus comes from Chalaf = replacer, to replace, to step in, one who replaces and is a nickname which surely would fit in this situation.

You must carefully consider each Gospel individually, giving attention to its special way of handling the topic.

The Gospel of Mark has been seen as condemning the Twelve and the brothers for their misunderstanding/unbelief of Jesus.

This negative view of the brothers is displayed in Mark 6:1-6.

Jesus has gone to his hometown (Nazareth) to teach in the synagogue.


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