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Another important thing is getting crime off our streets.

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We tend to look at the little pictures and problems in life and don’t see the big picture and the big problems in our community.

The more we can do for our community the less we need to rely on outsiders. I love the community that I live in and I am proud of it.

That way there would not only be more police on our streets but also less pollution in our air that we breathe.

I understand that most cities cannot afford more police but we need to cut back in other areas that we don’t need so much and use that money to help with safety and hire more police to protect the community.

If you’ve read the section on ‘Scientific writing’ you will have seen the definition of an abstract there.

If you’ve come straight to this section, here’s what you need to know.

The key phrase is ‘a clear description of the contents without reproducing them in detail’.

This means, for example, that an abstract will include a statement of the hypothesis the writer set out to test and the way that she gathered the data to do this.

Helping them with basic needs of food and shelter, have more people volunteer with soup kitchens and shelters in churches and have more programs that these people can join to help keep their stomachs full, and their hands and feet warm during these cold winter days and also beds for the to sleep in during these cold winter nights.

A very important way to take pride in our community is to save our old trees, they are always working to help us by improving the air quality by trapping dust so that dust doesn’t damage our lungs.


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