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It’s not enough just to attend it – it’s important to graduate.As compared to your high school, college life is not a piece of cake. Moreover: why do they go on studying for their Master or Ph. By the way, if you want a piece of advice, you can buy personal statement online, but make sure to explore the features of the worthy writing service.Introduce your pro-college argument in the introduction of the essay.

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Such statistics can be found on college websites or on your government's ministry or department of education website.

Compile a list of tangible benefits of attending college, such as career advancement, the knowledge to specialize in a field and the ability to make more money throughout your career.

Use statistics to support each of these tangible benefits.

Compile a list of intangible benefits of attending college, including the excitement of campus life, studying a program that truly interests you, making new friends and living in a city away from home.

Continue adding one paragraph per persuasive argument.

Determine what you believe are the arguments against attending college, then acknowledge and refute them in another paragraph.

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