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He only heard of a hellish monster”s crimes, thus sailed over the sea to assist the famous leader, the warrior king.

He only heard of a hellish monster”s crimes, thus sailed over the sea to assist the famous leader, the warrior king.

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He boasted of the nine sea monsters he slayed while he floated about.

Beowulf boasted to Hygelac of his victories over Grendel and his mother while he was in Danes” land. ie line 1889 “I have ruled the Geats for fifty winters ; no king of any neighbouring tribe has dared attack me with swords, or sought to cow and subdue me.” In Anglo Saxon time, any hero or persons of great accomplishments were expected to boast to express their greatness.

Beowulf boasted to Unferth to clarify Unferth”s misunderstanding of a swimming event between Beowulf and Breca, in which they swam out to sea and remained there for five nights.

Beowulf informed Breca of how they were seperated after five nights in a storm.

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