Essay On Wisdom Lies In Applying Knowledge

Essay On Wisdom Lies In Applying Knowledge-72
It allows the freedom to express the thoughts and be aware of the rights and duties as a citizen.A knowledgeable man would not bear bad behavior from any person and does whatever makes him or her happy.

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People working in different spheres of the economy should have required skills sets to do justice to their job profiles.

It is only possible by the acquisition of knowledge through hands-on experience.

It is easier for a person to initiate conversation if he or she is knowledgeable.

Moreover, understanding of different facets of life can improve decision making.

If you look closely, you will see the small wars, the bandits and rebellions.

Look more closely still and you’ll see the petty crimes, the struggle to survive, the rich bleeding the poor.It has increased the Gross domestic production of many countries and honed the skill of the professionals.Market research is primarily a part of the industry and helps the companies to evaluate the business profitability of the venture before it is launched.Political consciousness: A nation can have true democracy only if its citizens are knowledgeable about the social and economic conditions.They would elect educated representatives who are capable of understanding and resolving their issues.Due to the guiding light of knowledge, the world ushered in the industrial age resulting in series of inventions that changed the face of humanity forever.Fillip to the professional career: Modern knowledge can only be acquired through education as it plays a very important role in enhancing the professional life of the individuals.Knowledge is considered as the state of knowing facts and information acquired with the help of experience and reading books.Evolution of civilization over the years is due to increase in the knowledge base of the humans.Unlike the physical entities, the knowledge never diminishes. Your car might break down or money could blow up due to hyperinflation but the understanding of mind remains intact and increases with enhanced social interaction.Knowledge-based industry: Knowledge-based industry belonging to the service sector is a combination of the technology along with human knowledge.


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