Essay On Religious Harmony And Respect

Consequently, Inter-faith harmony, in strict sense of the word, continues to elude us as an achievable idea in the real world of 6 billion people under the available parameters of human thinking.

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Things like being quite while someone is talking, or not bothering someone when they? If I ever saw someone get knocked over and there stuff is on the ground scattered all over, I would definitely help him pick it up.

Because other wise I would feel bad watching them pick it up all by themselves.

Drawing from her own experience, Afi said that she was taught that Islam is the one and only true religion.

But as she grew up, she learned that other people believe that about their respective religions.

To further illustrate her point, the young writer quoted renowned Muslim poet Rumi: "The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth."Going Viral Afi's essay has garnered praise for her maturity and wisdom, giving her audience a voice of hope and an alternative perspective on how to react to the seemingly divided environment, as opposed to reacting in anger and with blame.

Facebook users were quick to respond, many of whom expressed their appreciation and complimented Afi’s eloquent writing."Another intelligent essay…Which can only be understood clearly by them with an open mind and heart.Growing awareness of the idea of interfaith harmony and the urge for its realisation is valuable.The intensity of this awareness might have been highlighted late because of the unprecedented perplexities, crystallising exponentially in the wake of efforts to impose a New World Order, essentially on the economic trajectory.So next time I talk in class out of turn, I will remember this two page report about respect.Respect can be making sure that everyone has equal time.Martin Luther king, Jr, once said, I have decided to live with love. Love should be the only way to move forward and especially when it comes to interfaith harmony within an environment of Religious Pluralism.Harmony is about co-existence that means live and let live.It is a way forward towards tranquility and perhaps success, both urgently required in a world of growing political and economic dissonance.Inter-faith harmony is a plausible condition, suggesting peaceful co-existence among practitioners of various religious beliefs, aimed at eliminating the possibility of discord, violent or non-violent.In her essay, Afi reminded readers that a country filled with people who share the same faith does not guarantee harmony."Some time in the future, we will tell our children and grandchildren how this country was on the verge of division not because of bombs, weapons, bullets or missiles, but because its people fussed about their legacies on social media," Afi wrote.The writer ended her essay by saying that "we don’t have to think alike, but let’s all think together."Unlike people in the West who are free from pressure to freely choose their religion or even their name, most Indonesians are pressured to follow their "given identity."Afi's essay came a time where recent tension surrounding religion and the rampant use of the word (Unity in Diversity), as the foundation of Indonesian ideology."From the perspective of Pancasila, every one is free to choose and practice their respective religion, but they do not have the right to impose their religion's perspectives and teachings as a benchmark [to evaluate] others who may believe differently," Afi wrote.


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