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Clearly, any writer’s life informs his work—Melville did serve on a whaling ship and Twain on Mississippi paddlewheelers—which for Hemingway meant being able to capture the truth about how “The marvelous thing about [gangrene] is that it’s painless. Few writers understood war so poignantly as Hemingway, the minutiae of bullfighting, what it takes to land a big fish or cook trout in a skillet. he heats the materials of his imagination in the furnace of his passions,” so Hemingway was able to forge the essence of an experience into a human emotion, as when, in , he wrote, “As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and to make plans.” In purely sensory terms the description is both tantalizingly true and emotionally charged.

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Yet for the first time in my impressionable life—I was 15—I knew I’d never read something that struck, touched and awed me so in a few simple words.

The first clause of the opening line hangs there, fraught with a sense of something grim and never ending; the second clause seems full of both regret and resignation.

But as Young pointed out so long ago, Nick is the Hemingway hero, the first one . Adams viewed and treated them and by his own experiences with them, and his shifting attitude towards his father and his later relationship with his son are rooted in Nicks life.

It is not surprising, then, that as Nick grows upand as he becomes Frederic Henry, Jake Barnes, Robert Jordan, Colonel Cantwell, and David Bournehis views of his mother will have an impact on how he sees and deals with other women.

I went on, of course, to read Hemingway’s novels, but, oddly enough, none of them had the force of the short stories, which were like heart murmurs compared to the cynical throw-away lines of love and war in the novels, wherein Hemingway’s prose could be repetitious to the point of dullness, when the manly hunter is so often a bore and the ever-present booze was too easy a way to get to the next scene.

On the basis of his short stories alone, Hemingway, who enjoyed comparing himself to Stendahl, Turgenev and Tolstoy as if in a boxing match, would likely win a decision on points as to who was the finest American contender for the title.In this story, the character portrayal of Doctor and Mrs.Paul Smith notes: To read Reynoldss Young Hemingway, especially chapters 3-5, along with this story is to see how close it comes to an explicit presentation of his parents characters, the dissolution of their once happy family and their marriage (63).He had little use for italics and used run-on sentences the way people actually form them.He almost always used the word “said,” with no adverb attached.Adams agrees, putting Nicks book in his pocket and following his son farther on into the woods where Nick knows they can find black squirrels.Even though Hemingway indicated at one point that the story documented his discovery of his fathers cowardice (Young, Reconsideration 33n), it is a mistake, of course, to read Hemingways life in his fiction, as some earlier criticism has done.A lesser writer might have added a period there and continued in a new sentence with “And then I lost. .” But Hemingway has set up the exultant ending of the paragraph by allowing the description of the oysters and wine to rush right into it, barely contained by a comma.Hemingway doesn’t resort to easy descriptives like “sensual,” “velvety” or “flinty,” much less allude to oysters’ alleged effect on the libido.Thompson, Raymond Carver, Elmore Leonard, Ray Bradbury, Denis Johnson, Bret Easton Ellis, even Anne Beattie.As Russell Banks put it, “Men writing in America have to contend with the shade of Hemingway, and the longstanding tradition of manliness he tried to represent.


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