Essay On Medea And Jason

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This suggests that like Jason, Medea is full of hubris. Medea decides to kill her children so that Jason will have no heirs to his name and legacy.

Having killed his wife and slaughtered his children, Medea will leave Jason with nothing.

Like Jason, they will be condemned not only by fate but by society as well.

Creon: This is the King of Corinth and the father of Glauce, the woman for whom Jason abandons Medea.

This fragmentation will become important as she begins to seek revenge and commit heinous actions.

Jason speaks about Medea’s “new state” as if he is not the one who caused her state to change.

His ambition and faithlessness cause the tragic events of the play to unfold.

He defies the ancient Greek concept of is the contract of the home, the man’s role was to faithfully protect those who lived under his roof; the woman’s role was to raise children and care for the home.

Medea laments the sacrifices that she made to secure Jason’s escape from Colchis and acquisition of the Golden Fleece.

She remembers the shores of her mother’s home and her brother’s blood, a reference to the story of the Golden Fleece in which Medea kills and dismembers her brother to stop her father’s army from pursuing Jason and the fleeing Argonauts.


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