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The Wagner and Taft-Hartley Acts gave workers the right to organize to bargain for wages and working conditions.They also obligated the unions to defend their members against management when conflicts arose.Teaser-Link The proptech industry isn’t just about implementing technology in buildings.

The assumption was that the relationship between the union and management would be adversarial; the laws provided the rules under which that adversarial relationship would be conducted.

Courts later ruled that the unions and management could not collaborate.

The 21,000 sq m living and working complex is scheduled for completion in 2020 and will deliver state-of-the-art climate neutrality.

Digitisation of the residential and work areas is also a declared objective of the development.

Leading experts from all areas of society will present their solutions and encourage public discussion on the issues involved.

Energy efficiency around the world is the focus of the German Energy Efficiency Corporate Initiative (DENEFF) kick-off conference on 9 April in Berlin.

The Wagner and Taft-Hartley Acts reflected the mass-production systems that the United States embraced more fully than any other industrial nation.

In this arrangement, management figured out how the work was going to get done; workers were regarded as interchangeable; and skilled craftsmanship was minimized.

The document is an updated version of an existing guideline.

It was drawn up by a project group consisting of experts from the real estate industry and is expected to have an impact both within Germany and beyond.


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