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Essay On Human Responsibility-58
The wastes are collected and then to converted to compost.To develop an economy ,there are many constructions of infrastructure, land reclamation is undergoes to produce more land.It results the extintion of some kind of species as they loss place to live. To solve the problem, goverment need to set the lagislation to control deforestatiom by setting up a certain area to cut the trees.

It can reduce wastage by reducing energy can also improve human health as the pollution is better so it can reduce the money use on health care.

Human activities remove the forest for paper manufacture, furniture, and fuel.

The use of fish explosive and fish poision in fishing are forbidden to use to protect the marine ecosystem.

The over deforestation in forest will make the forest decrease in regeneration ,the forest yields will decrease .

Also fishes are restricted to catch as they are the food for the dolphin.

Second, Romer’s Tree Frog ‘ natural habitat has been destroyed because of the construction of Chep Lap Kok Airport . More then 200 of them was rescued form the airport before the construction and sent to the Hong Kong University.

There are many ways of control the water pollution.

Effluent discharge from factories is control to prevent toxic substances enter to the sea.

In order to solve the problem of over-fishing ,the government had imposed such measures.

The amount of fish that can be catched is limited by setting quota. Also ,the government set up the fishing movatorium to higher the fishs’ replacement rate .


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