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As a scholar, I believe I am qualified to join this society.The ultimate formal acknowledgment of any action that is related to honor is usually a final landing after a mandatory achievement of the honors related to integrity and principles, and honor defined from respect and dignity among peers.The perspectives that people view honor could vary in a direct proportion of the people that would dare think about it.One example of this is my role as a youth leader at the temple that I regularly attend.This position allows me to explore my interest in Hindu mythology with other members.Because of my abilities and experiences as a student, I believe I can be considered a strong candidate for the NHS.I have demonstrated the scholarship, leadership, character, and service qualities necessary to join the society.I hope to be considered for placement in this prestigious organization.Usually, the last bit is the ultimate for anyone as it would have directly identified and acknowledged one’s achievement of honor, but before this, many forget that the former two are the major steps towards attaining the peak of the definition: the recognition award (Bowman, 4).Joining NHS would allow me to grow as a person and do as much as I can for others.In my years as a student, I have shown great examples of scholarship, leadership, character and service that I believe would qualify me to join this prestigious society.


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