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Over the same period, traditional El Niño events have become more intense.

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The ocean warming off South American coast is a prime example of an El Niño event.

The unusual rainfall and flooding in Peru, Southern California, and Chile are also usually tied to the El Niño climatic conditions.

The warm pacific air is tied to some of the occurrences of serious hurricanes, typhoons, and very cold weather in various parts of the world.

In South America, thunderstorms and severe tropical cyclones (hurricanes) are frequently associated with the drastic change in the global wind cycle circulation because of the eastward displacement of atmospheric heat.

On occasion, this may result in extreme dry spells and drought.

Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia mostly witness much drier conditions than usual together with droughts, forest fires and poor crop yields.

Weaker winds means the ocean gets warmer and this process happens interchangeably and consecutively thus making the El Niño bigger and bigger.

In other words, El Niño is caused by the weakening of the trade winds which results in pushing of warm surface water to the west and less cold water to the east.

Besides, during times when hurricanes are fewer, wetter weather and very cold weather is witnessed during winter and autumn.

Some meteorological evidence indicates that the very cold weather in Europe is promoted by the El Niño.


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