Essay On Dreams And Reality

For example in my life, my summer, school and driving.

Scott Fitzgerald, he demonstrates the humanly characteristics of his characters by giving them dreams and obstacles they must pass to reach their dreams. In the story Gatsby has a dream that we are very well affiliated...

High dreams can lead to great falls or regret when those high dreams are not met by reality.

Watching Phillip Quast and Anthony Warlow pouring their hearts out on stage in (still) one of the most beautiful duets I have ever heard, I can actually say changed my life. I think my twelve year old self would be proud and would understand the battle fear continually gives me, gives many of us.

I wanted to be an actor, a singer, a dancer, an artist, a writer…whatever! We grow up; play becomes guarded, innocent acts of sharing ideas are now judged and rated and worst of all, creativity is stunted by fear. So there it is: my stream of consciousness hidden slightly behind existential ideals.

This is true in human society and even in the fiction novels written; this aspect in life that we must struggle to gain our goals is so fundamentally laid down in our culture as people that we include it as a basic human trait.

In the novel The Great Gatsby, written by profound author F.

It is a mistake to think that adult sleepwalking indicates a psychological disorder or mental dysfunction. Sleepwalkers' eyes are open, but they don't see the same way they do when they're awake and usually think they're in different rooms of the house or different places altogether.

Most do get up and move around for a few seconds or for as long as half an hour.

They may do complex activities such as moving furniture, going to the bathroom, and dressing or undressing.

Some activities can get as hazardous as cooking, driving, violent gestures, grabbing at hallucinated objects, driving a car or even homicide.


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