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Our addiction to propaganda has left us vulnerable.Look again at the 2016 Russian propaganda efforts and you’ll see that their strategy was to take advantage of our already hyper-polarized public sphere to get us all to spread their messages of distrust and resentment. Like Dewey said in 1931, we need to be educated to think, judge, and be critical about the news that we post and consume.

Our addiction to propaganda has left us vulnerable.

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Our failure to participate also made us less trusting of the decisions that are being made on our behalf.

Eventually, we began to distrust the democratic process itself.

Sixty-three percent in the Pew poll said that talking to those across the political divide left them feeling like they have even less in common than they had previously believed.

That could be because only 4 percent of Americans describe their political opposition as “fair.” Partisanship and distrust have infected all aspects of our civic life.

It’s plain that our current way of speaking to each other doesn’t work.

A recent Pew survey found that 53 percent of Americans thought that talking about politics with people on the other side of the political divide is “stressful and frustrating.” And, it seems, having those stressful and frustrating conversations makes things worse, not better.

Our current age of catastrophe is characterized by a fundamental breakdown of the nation’s public sphere—as evidenced by widespread distrust, political polarization, and frustration.

On October 25, 1931—during the previous age of catastrophe—philosopher John Dewey gave a radio lecture on the relationship between education and democracy. There are two important differences between then and now.

It’s obvious that our political discourse is broken.

People don’t just yell at one another on cable television, they also do it in restaurants, and on social media. Our political opinions are further divided by gender, race, education, and income levels.


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