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Her boyfriend, a very careful Scandinavian, was not too pleased with this. I was walking through the city with a local friend.

As he watched her and the guide disappear round some corner on the horses, he grew anxious...""Uganda is an easy country to like. My friend was trying to explain to me the difference between blacks and coloureds...

As I lived through the program, I realised that I knew the guy who was playing the lead. but before we met, he was intercepted by a woman who must have known him from childhood. Then she asked him, ‘ So, what sort of work are you doing? The woman saw nothing wrong with her question and waited cheerfully for a reply...""Up where the air is thin but the heavens are wide there is a village called Gichi.

The huts are like overgrown mushrooms on the frosty green alpine slopes.

Anyway, one day, I was sitting in a little caf sheltering from the rain in Eritrea...""I was on a truck, traveling along the edge of the Turkana Desert in Kenya when it happened.

She did not like crossing borders especially with a car and with a dread-locked passenger.It warns that high winds could persist through early Tuesday and that heavy rains could trigger flash floods in low-lying areas.Dorian currently has maximum sustained winds of 60 mph. ET on Monday, it was some 95 miles east-southeast of Barbados, moving to the west-northwest at around 14 mph.So the night before we were to cross into Zambia, she looked at me and tried as tactfully as possible to suggest that I wear a tie the next day...I did not have a tie...""I had my first bit of culture shock within half an hour of arriving on the continent. Suddenly, a young man dropped into the seat beside me. But when I felt his arm along my back, I could not help it...""It could have been a joke, two guys walk into an African restaurant, one black, one white.‘ Could you stay here for the rest of your life? I told him I would need to think about a decision like that. ETTropical Storm Dorian is forecast to become a hurricane in the eastern Caribbean by late Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center says, issuing warnings to Barbados and other islands in the storm's path.Still, the boy was very nervous and I felt guilty...""I was in for a few surprises when I visited the Pyramids of Egypt... And frollick amongst them, on a camel or on a horse.Well, actually only one girl in our small group opted for a horse.Then came the bill, which was placed quietly before my friend, my friend who happened to have no money...""Someone had stolen the clock from the lobby, the big one with gold, from behind the reception desk.The thieves must have come in while Everson was sleeping on the couch. Well, maybe the robbers came in through the front door which was open because I had visitors until late the night before.


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