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Valdes’ diary then chronicles the risky, tension-filled hegira of the War Cabinet from Corregidor to the Visayas, then to Mindanao and Australia. They are all happy to go, anxious to meet the foe in a death struggle. It is on the same principle as the Mae West life vest used by Aviators. We were advised to keep it on continuously and not to inflate until after we are in the water, as it would be dangerous to jump overboard with that inflated. We travel only at eight knots per hour because the L. Or probably they’ll note it as just the 7th day of the naval attack on Taiwan with diversionary raids on the Philippines. A machine gun bullet struck our shelter, fortunately on the concrete side. By the drone and by the glimpse I had, I judged there were at least a hundred.

From there, the War Cabinet went to the United States to establish a government-in-exile in May, 1942. In a few hours we will start moving, and then the biggest convoy set for an attack, since the invasion of France, will be on its way. It is warm; sea is calm, perhaps a presage of the “hell” to come. If it had hit an inch higher, it would have penetrated the thin wooden panel and I wouldn’t be writing this now. October 18 to this tramp means nothing but several hours in the air-raid shelter, Mama nervous about Vic who refused to take cover, Neneng praying the rosary, grandpop smoking a cigar, Dad going in and out of the shelter to take a look and then to hurriedly run in when the earth begins to shake, and the dog trying to squeeze into the shelter.

On the same day, Felipe Buencamino III recounts in his diary that he suffered a relapse of the Malaria he contracted in Bataan, and that, 947 American aircraft struck several Japanese airfields at Taiwan. General Douglas Mac Arthur (right, seen in profile) on the bridge of USS Nashville (CL-43), off Leyte during the landings there in late October 1944. After a two-day naval bombardment, the US Sixth Army landed on the northeastern coast on the island of Leyte on under the command of General Walter Krueger. The beach was not good, the landing craft could not make the dry beach and we had to wade through the water beyond our knees. We transferred to the Auxiliary cruiser Blue Ridge flagship of Admiral Barbey, as the General Douglas Mac Arthur (center), accompanied by Lieutenant Generals George C. Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U. The Luneta was turned into a forest of anti-aircraft guns.

The Japanese staged a counter attack that achieved little, but inflated reports on damage inflicted on the enemy provided the Japanese leaders the false information that the counter strike sunk one aircraft carrier and one battleship; meanwhile, the Japanese admitted to only two aircraft lost. Standing in the center (also seen in profile) is Lieutenant General George C. Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U. The US 7th Fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Thomas Kinkaid provided transport and protection for the 175,000-strong landing force. General Mac Arthur and members of his staff, President Osmeña, myself, General Romulo, and Captain Madrigal left the ship and proceeded on an L. We inspected the area, and at two instances shots were fired by Japanese snipers. There was such a shower of exploded shells and stray bullets that even those who stayed in light houses could not be protected.

He established a private practice in medicine and served as the head of the Lourdes Hospital after the war. Tokyo radio arrived at fifty-three American ships sunk or damaged, twenty-thousand Americans killed, and one thousand planes shot down. They say: “The Americans shouldn’t have bombed at all if they were going to stop like this.

The Philippine Diary Project has already focused on the early part of World War II in the Philippines, contrasting the eyewitness accounts of officials like Valdes and civilians: see December 24-25, 1941 In Diaries for example. Valdes; President Quezon; Secretary to the President and soon-to-be Mayor of Greater Manila Jorge B. The Manila news agency was more conservative, scattering flying leaflets in the streets and sending out a van through the city with streamers announcing the resounding victory. They are asking: Maybe there is some truth in the Japanese claims of 12 aircraft carriers sunk? It only gave the Japs a chance to spread their dumps into private houses. Only consoling note is the fact that Formosa is being bombed and rebombed.Much of 1943 was spent by Valdes undergoing further training, with expectations growing that the Allied forces would soon be returning to the Philippines. For an insight into this, read Frederick Marquardt’s Quezon and Osmeña. The top ranks of Japanese leadership bought into their own propaganda, with Emperor Showa personally delivered a word of congratulations for the achievement that never took place.The Quezon War Cabinet shortly after the Commonwealth government-in-exile was established in Washington, DC: Auditor-General Jaime Hernandez; Secretary of Finance, Agriculture, and Commerce Andres Soriano; Vice President Sergio Osmeña, Secretary of Public Instruction, Health, and Public Welfare; President Quezon; Member of the Cabinet without portfolio and Resident Commissioner Joaquin Elizalde; Secretary of National Defense, Public Works, Communication and Labor Maj. As for what was happening in the Philippines in the meantime, see Life, Death, Decisions During the Japanese Occupation and the special section in the Presidential Museum and Library, 70th Anniversary of the Second Philippine Republic for more information. We had a double feast today; great activity in the morning and doubly great in the afternoon.Romulo was a Filpino statesman, diplomat, author and journalist who served under eight Philippine presidents and was the country's representative to the United States and the United Nations."I Am a Filipino" is often chosen by students for elocution contests and is one of the most famous nationalist manifestos in the world.Peter Chen’s Philippines Campaign, Phase 1, the Leyte Campaign: – from which come the dates and summary of military movements, in. Madrigal had arrived in Hawaii and transferred to Kwajalein. Okinawan city of Naha was heavily damaged; many of the 548 deaths occurred in Naha, as many of the 698 wounded. It’s either that they were not given the chance to take off or they were discarded for good. Only the guns near the bombings were fired, unlike before when the air vibrated with activities and the city was draped in smoke.Diary entries from the same day or thereabouts follows each date. October 5, 1944: In preparation for the invasion of the Philippine Islands… By October 7, 1944 they had arrived in Hollandia, where Gen. 11,451 buildings were destroyed, which included a great number of civilian residences Halsey struck Luzon, and moved on to bombard Taiwan from 12 Oct thru 15 Oct. On the whole, the thunder was still terrific, but there were fewer shelling victims.Landing troops almost whenever they wished, the US forces largely accomplished the goals set for the first day of landing. A roof of GI sheets and a wooden floor were as easily pierced as if they were made of paper. A Japanese plane coming from the stern flew very low strafing the cruiser. We took the news as probable, without reassuring ourselves of its certainty, but the exultant Filipinos believed it without a shadow of doubt. Osmeña were heard delivering messages over the radio.After having escaped from the Japanese and in the process fleeing his homeland, one can only image in the emotion felt by himself –and the other Filipinos in the landing party– when, on October 20, 1944, Gen. His account of the historic Leyte landing is terse: Entered Leyte Gulf at midnight. The battleships, cruisers, and destroyers opened fire on the beaches and finished the work begun two days before ‘A Day’ by other U. He accidentally came too low and hit the wireless and crashed on the forward deck near the bridge killing the Captain and mortally wounding the Commodore, who died six hours later. Tokyo had admitted it, although the local press still refuses to put its stamp of approval. Mac Arthur announced that he had complied with his promise to return and, God willing, he would proceed with the re-conquest of the Islands.This was a period of great stress for Philippine society: see the essay of Alfonso J. Without previous siren warnings the planes attacked at a.m.Aluit, World War 2 in the Philippines The Philippine Diary Project also allows us to contrast Valdes’ experience with those of civilians in Manila, before, during, and after the return of the Allies to the Philippines. Juan Labrador, OP, a Spanish Dominican priest, gives us the point of view of a Spaniard sympathetic to the Allies, and who shuttled back and forth between the Colegio de San Juan de Letran and the University of Santo Tomas where Allied civilians had been interned by the Japanese for the duration of the War. T’s, APA Cruisers, Destroyers, Airplane Carriers and P. and caught the sleeping guardians of the city by surprise.


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