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5) They can smell and hear better than humans however they can’t see colours as they are colour blind.

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2) Dogs help in many roles to human in hunting, protecting, assisting police and army etc.9) Generally, they are friendly in nature but they can also attack anyone if they are sick.10) Stray dogs are caught by the local municipal authority and are vaccinated and sterilized.5) They act as guard of the house because they do not let any unknown person to enter the house.6) Stray dogs are not tamed by anybody; they roam on the road and lead a miserable life.You can use these points whenever you are asked to speak or write a couple of lines on dogs.1) Dogs have been one of the earliest animals domesticated by humans.4) Dogs accompanied ancient men in hunting expeditions and also guarded their houses/territories.5) Dogs are very protective of their masters and are known to defend them bravely.3) They are playful, friendly and loyal to humans and they listen and understand them.4) They have four legs and one tail and they produce a “bark”, “woof” and “sniff” sound.


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