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The effects of that statement have many levels that affect us all.

One of the effects that Mc Donalds would have on this La Mirada community is regular consumption of that kind of food diminishes health.

Another fast-food restaurant equals more bad food choices for our youth. individual problems requiring different approaches (Briskman, 2000, p93).

Another effect of building a Mc Donald's is that it is also bad for the environment. and Mary Ann Wycoff, Quality Policing in Madison: An Evaluation of its Implementation and Impact (final technical report). An example of a problematic issue in the community was in The Standard newspaper recently.

Attract the kids, Kroc believed, and their parents will be forced to follow. Forced to engage in this fast-food lifestyle among the Mc Donald masses?

And to top it off, demolish a family restaurant with historic and iconic meaning, with a menu laden with a huge variety of different foods, to basically eat finger foods that fry away your soul.

First, we have to think what is the issue they will be allowed to exercise independent thoughts and actions in order to solve long term community problems through new and innovative ways. Reference list: Glensor, Ronald W., FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Jul 96, vol. I have never been part of a religious service other than Catholic so I was nervous as well as excited to experience my first Buddhist service.

Works Cited: Glensor, Ronald W., "FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin", Vol. In this essay I will give a description of “The Great Compassion Service” that I attended and then I will explain the controversial issue of money within the monastic Buddhist community.

Schools and clubs such as National Honor Society and Key Club require one to participate in community service in order to be a honorary member of the club. First, he started influencing people in his community, he moved to the city level, and later to the state level becoming an assemblyman for 20 years. The ethical issue with the ethincs of the color situation of the vast community toward its dominationg black player.

He reaches that level because he influenced the public and government policies. and Mary Ann Wycoff, "Quality Policing in Madison: An Evaluationof its Implementation and Impact" (final technical report). This community seem to do the necessary output to establish a strong present the it team can be “Better Choice Healthy Life” Intervention in Northwick Community Social marketing steps Defining the problem The problem of interest in this intervention is addressing obesity as a health issue.


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