Essay About The Negative Effects Of Violence As Shown In The Media

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Vinson continues, “This, however, is the new normal.

Vinson continues, “This, however, is the new normal.

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Notwithstanding, you only have to look at the evening news or other late-night television show to understand that video games are not the only, or even primary factor contributing to this desensitization, or to youth violence.

The National Television Violence Study, a three-year assessment of more than 3,000 programs a year, found that a steady 60-percent of programs across twenty-six channels contain some physical aggression.

In other words, Media Psychology focuses on the relationship between human behavior and the media.

It studies the interaction between individuals, groups, and technology, and tries to make sense out of this synergy.

This division is now one of the fastest growing in the APA and has advanced to include new media studies, such as cell phone technology, the Internet, and computer and console gaming.

According to the APA, Division 46, “Media Psychology focuses on the psychology behind media and technology use and impact” – and as media technologies evolve, so will media psychology, and too, the demand for media psychologists.Although some studies have shown an increase in violent tendencies in children and an increase in violent behavior, other studies have debunked these claims.But, as more than 90-percent of all US children regularly play video games (in some form) and 97-percent of youths, ages 12-17, the question remains – are video games good, bad, or a mix of good and bad? However, in a 2001 Report of the Surgeon General on Youth Violence, violent crime perpetrated by youth is increasing (or certainly not decreasing).In fact, over the past ten years, advertising by professionals has jumped nearly 63-percent, and continues to gain acceptance among psychologists, doctors, dentists and other professionals who use social media as a means to advertise, gain referrals and feedback. They may tweet, or make use of an app for scheduling appointments.And, as nearly 95-percent of clients look online first (trumping referrals by family or close friends) for a psychologist, having a presence can energize, or reenergize a private practice. Keeping a professional practice and personal life separate is imperative.”One area that is getting a lot of attention, both positive and negative, is video gaming.However, in the past 18 months, cities like Pittsburgh, Miami, and Detroit, saw double-digit gains in smartphone, subscription video-on-demand, and tablet penetration.Still, media isn’t just about video games, blogs, You Tube, Twitter, television, printed media, or radio.Even so, we need to limit screen-time, especially if it is filling a void for the child or interfering with face-to-face conversations.”Studies on the impact of media led to the formation of the APA’s, Division 46, the Media Psychology Division, in 1987.In 2012, the APA’s Media Psychology Division 46 became the APA Society for Media Psychology and Technology (with their own Facebook page, which seems appropriate).It also encompasses psychologists appearing in the media, such as Dr. Paul Weston (played by Gabriel Byrne) in HBO’s and their influence on our thoughts and actions.It can also take into account professional psychologists using media to advertise their private practice or services.


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